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Hand-made white tea. Our delicious blends of green and black teas transport you to a winter forest of glittering firs. Natural infusion of plants, fruits, and roots with alkalizing virtues.

Infusion of balsamic and sweet aroma, with alkalizing virtues that contribute to the balance of alkaline pH through its natural ingredients. A surprisingly harmonious contrast of balsamic melissa, rosemary, and lavender with a peppery touch of ginger and fruity notes. Ideal for all ages and to enjoy at any time of the day, especially in those times when you need to restore your body’s balance and well-being. In addition to enjoying hot, it can be drunk cold or with ice to keep us hydrated throughout the day.

Ingredients: Melissa, ginger, lavender flowers, chamomile flowers, dandelion root, apple, rosemary, rose petals and buds, linden, heather flowers, and cornflower petals.
• Theine content: Null
• Orange color
• Aroma: Balsamic / Herbal
• Sweet taste

Preparation mode:
• Preparation time: 8-10 min.
• Water temperature: 95°
• Dose: 12 g per liter (2/3g per mug)

Did you know that?

The alkaline diet, also called the “pH diet”, is in vogue and different celebrities have contributed to its promotion. The alkaline diet is based on the theory that diseases develop in an acidic environment (with a pH lower than 7) and that, to prevent these, it is advisable to “alkalinize” our body (increase the pH above 7). Our blood and most of our bodies have a slightly alkaline pH, and maintaining these conditions can help maintain health.

Contains no sugars or allergens. Recommended for children.

Allergens: May contain traces of tree nuts.

Preparation mode
Add 2 teaspoons for every 250ml of water at 95ºC and leave to infuse for 3-5 minutes.


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