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Cherry Blossom Syrup | Real Japanese Sakura Cherry Blossom Petal Syrup | Japanese Cherry Blossom Syrup


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Cherry blossoms are the national flower of Japan. The fleeting beauty tells the approach of spring. Cherry blossom viewing is one of the most important things for Japanese people. The flowers and leaves of cherry blossoms have been widely used in tea, desserts, and cooking. Our Cherry Blossom Syrup is the most perfect for drink and dessert with its delicate pale pink color. We want to retain the taste of this spring, with a bit of a sweet and sour taste, and the pink cherry blossom syrup was born like this. Now no matter what Season can taste, this is dedicated to the romance of spring.

The pink-colored cherry blossom syrup is very suitable for making gradual drinks. The layers are stacked, the taste is rich, and you can drink a good taste of happiness!

A syrup with the scent of cherry blossoms. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as pouring it over cakes and ice creams or adding it to drinks.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, cherry blossom, lemon juice, citric acid.

Contents: 150 ml

Storage method: Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place. After opening keep it in the fridge.

Sakura syrup is suitable for blending fresh fruit tea and various ice products. The product should be diluted with water or tea before drinking. You can enjoy the scent and taste of spring with ice cream, hot cakes, mousse, etc. Cherry blossom syrup has no coloring or fragrance.


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