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Gluten Free Organic Coconut Buckwheat Wafers


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Gluten-Free Organic Coconut Buckwheat Wafers offer a unique combination of ingredients for a delightful snack. Each wafer is crafted from buckwheat flour and blended with cane sugar, salt, and rice powder to create the 40% biscuit base. Complementing the crunchy biscuit is a 60% cream filling, sweetened with cane sugar and infused with natural and organic coconut flavors, coupled with a selection of vegetal oils.

Certified organic and guaranteed gluten-free rolls generously filled with coconut cream. Made of buckwheat flour, they are a good source of fiber. Individually wrapped in 5 packs of 2, these rolls are handy and keep well their flavor and texture. Perfect with tea, coffee, or cocoa.


Coconut filling* 60% (Cane Sugar*, Coconut* 13.2%, Sunflower Oil*, Rice Flour*, Coconut Oil* 0.6%, Emulsifier: Sunflower Lecithin*) Buckwheat flour* 36.2% Cane sugar* Sel * of organic farming origin.

Allergens: This product contains soy, and it may contain traces of milk

• Made in France
• Shelf life: 6–12 months
• Storage: Shelf-stable
• Weight: 165 gr

Storage type: Keep in a cool (16/18°C) and dry place, away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, odors, and moisture. Consume before the indicated date, after opening keep in the fridge.

Warning: It is important to read the information on the package, including the ingredients, of the products before use. The available information may vary according to the lot (always consult the label).



Since 2006, Paradeigma has been designing and marketing organic recipes, gluten-free, vegan, without palm oil and coloring or preservatives. A range created from selected and selected ingredients, certified organic and gluten-free, a conciliatory diet and delicacy for the pleasure of all. A desire affirmed from the very first lines of the project: to offer you good products to make the lives of people intolerant to gluten easier, quality products, respectful of nature, and responding to ethics. This desire and passion to go ever further in the development of our range drives us every day in the search for new ingredients, new recipes, but also in the development of the best production technology.


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