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Handcrafted White Chocolate Spread


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Vegan White Chocolate spread is the real thing! Handcrafted with high-quality cocoa butter made in small batches, using the finest organic ingredients and real vanilla bean.
A light and unique cream! To spread on bread, toast, cake, with fruit or eat straight with a spoon…

Weight: 250 grams.

Packaging: glass jar with a metallic lid.

Keep at room temperature, in a cool, dry place, away from sources of heat or moisture. Do not store it in the refrigerator.

Ingredients: Organic sunflower oil, organic cacao butter, organic raw cane sugar, organic coconut milk powder, organic oat drink powder, organic vanilla bean, sunflower lecithin

100% Vegan product.
Free from: Cow’s milk, wheat, palm oil, casein, lactose, traces of milk, preservatives, dyes, trans fat, or artificial flavor.

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