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Lemon, Yuzu & Ginger Gut Health Drink


LIP-SMACKING FLAVOUR – from fruit juice (zero flavourings)

HIGH FIBRE – each can contains a whopping 2.5g of fibre.

IMMUNITY BOOSTING – our drinks contain 50% of your vitamin C intake per can

NO BLOATING – no bubbles means no bloating!

NO ADDED SUGAR – because this drink already taste fantastic

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Lemon, Yuzu & Ginger Gut Health Drink is a functional soft drink that ensures your gut health and immunity stay in tip-top condition whilst being utterly refreshing at the same time!

Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its gut health benefits. Made with natural ingredients and only 77 calories a can, this pomegranate, lime, and mint sensation will liven up your taste buds while being gentle on your gut. No bubbles, no bloating! This tasty delight features anti-inflammatory pomegranate, lime, and mint to aid digestion, prebiotic fiber from plants that promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut, and 50% of your recommended daily vitamin C intake to boost your immune system.

Lemon, Yuzu & Ginger Gut Health Drink is suitable for vegans and is gluten-free. There’s never any added sugar and natural ingredients are bursting with delicious flavors and benefits and combining fruit juices, water, prebiotic plant fiber, vitamin C, and botanicals to create delicious gut health drinks that are full of natural ingredients.

Keeping your gut and mind healthy with refreshing flavor profiles, Happy Inside drinks do exactly that, keep you happy – inside!



Ingredients: Water, fruit juices from concentrate 45% (white grape, lemon (8%)), yuzu juice 3%, plant fiber from Acacia, natural ginger extract, Japanese knotweed extract, vitamin C

Allergens: Allergen Free, Natural Ingredients, Gluten Free, No Added Sugar, Vegan

• Made in the United Kingdom
• Shelf life: 6–12 months
• Storage: Shelf-stable
• Weight: 250 Ml

Storage type: Store in a cool, dry place. Best served chilled

Warning: It is important to read the information on the package, including the ingredients, of the products before use. The available information may vary according to the lot (always consult the label).


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