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No Added Sugar Double Chocolate Wafer


  • Vegan

  • High Fibre

  • Gluten-Free

  • No Sugar added

  • No Palm Oil

  • Lower Calories

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No Added Sugar Double Chocolate Wafer is the first wafer made with vegan milk chocolate We bring snacking to a new level by creating our products with high-quality ingredients, no animal products, and no added sugars. Finally, a snacking alternative for the body and mind! Brain Foods stimulate brain health by improving cognitive function and memory. It also does not harm animals, we save nature and leave a minimum ecological footprint. It not only tastes good but is good for you and the world!

No Added Sugar Double Chocolate Wafer is a crispy wafer with a rich filling and chocolate coating! Vegan, without added sugar, and with high fiber content!

Brain Foods complies with virtually every diet. No more sneaking it in or cheat days, you can choose this snack every time without guilt. Healthy is a lifestyle that can taste good!


Gluten-free mix (potato starch, corn starch, rice flour, soy fiber, thickener: guar gum), chicory inulin (fiber), sweetener: erythritol, cocoa butter, vegetable oil (shea butter, coconut), rice mix (rice starch, rice flour, rice syrup), soy flour, cocoa powder, cocoa mass, coconut cream, polydextrose, vegetable (sunflower) oil, emulsifier: lecithin (sunflower), natural chocolate flavor, raising agent: bicarbonate, salt, rosemary extract.


It may contain traces of peanuts, nuts, milk, and sesame seeds. Contains natural sugars. Excessive consumption can cause a laxative effect.


• Made in Bulgaria

• Shelf life: 6–12 months

• Storage: Shelf-stable

• Weight: 40 Gr

Storage type: Keep in a cool (16/18°C) and dry place, away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, odors, and moisture. Consume before the indicated date.

Warning: It is important to read the information on the package, including the ingredients, of the products before use. The available information may vary according to the lot (always consult the label).


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