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Organic Banana Blossoms


✔ Vegan & Gluten-free
✔ Fish and meat alternative
✔ Source of fibre


Organic banana blossoms – vegan, sustainable, and healthy!

Would you like more variety on your plate?

Do you value healthy eating, don’t want to eat so much meat anymore, or are you already vegetarian or vegan? Are you still looking for alternatives to soy or pea-based products?
Our Organic Banana Blossom is just the thing for you: banana blossoms from Sri Lanka’s home gardens.

Add a little adventure to your kitchen and bring variety to the table. With the pickled pieces of banana blossom, you save yourself the peeling and preparation. All you need to do is cut them into the desired size, season them, marinate them, and heat them. With our spice mixtures and recipe ideas, you can create the most exotic dishes! 

It’s not only delicious but also healthy: banana blossoms are low in calories, rich in nutrients, and an excellent source of fiber.

Banana blossoms are a great substitute for chicken in curries or breaded as nuggets – good for the chicken and the environment! Our banana blossoms grow in home gardens in Sri Lanka. Unlike soya, for example, they are grown by small producers in mixed crops. Without artificial irrigation and the use of pesticides.

Here are the advantages at a glance:

  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • 100% natural – no additives
  • low in calories and high in fiber
  • From the organic home gardens in Sri Lanka
  • Exotic variety in your menu
  • Small producers growing in home gardens
  • Sustainable and nutrient-rich source of fibre
  • Very versatile and easy to prepare
  • Healthy and yet an exotic taste – nature makes it possible

Banana Blossom – a delicacy from the Far East

Banana blossoms are the flowers of the plantain. They are well known in the Far East and have long been considered a delicacy in Asian cuisine. In Europe, banana blossoms are finding more and more fans, especially among vegetarians and vegans.

This very low-calorie and healthy alternative to meat or fish tastes slightly savory and a little bitter. Its consistency is similar to an artichoke. Due to the high amount of fiber the fruit contains, it can be called a “fiber source” (at least 3 g fiber per 100 g). 

Possible uses: 

With their very light flavor, banana blossoms are real all-rounders. Seasoned, marinated, and heated, banana blossoms can be used in any flavor: in wok dishes, curries, salads, soups, noodles, or rice dishes.


Organic banana blossoms* (55%), water, salt.
*from controlled organic cultivation.

• Made in Sri Lanka
• Shelf life: 06–12 months
• Storage: Shelf-stable
• Weight: One can contain 400g of filling and 220g of drained weight.

Storage type: Keep in a cool (16/18°C) and dry place, away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, odors, and moisture. Consume before the indicated date.

Warning: It is essential to read the information on the package, including the ingredients, of the products before use. The available information may vary according to the lot (always consult the label).




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