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Sunflower Flour Bio 200g


Sunflower Flour Dragon Superfoods are made from organic seeds. It keeps the high protein content of sunflower nuts and is naturally gluten-free.

– high in protein
– delicate taste and aroma
– perfect for gluten-free mixes
– suitable for crackers, bakery, desserts
– gluten-free
– vegan
– 100% organic

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An excellent alternative to conventional flours, this Sunflower Flour Bio 200g is a product of organic agriculture! The sunflower is a plant that originates from the Americas, where it has been used in nutrition since ancient times. Although its seeds are most often consumed as a snack or as an addition to bakery products, Dragon Superfoods has prepared a sunflower flour obtained by finely grinding quality raw material from organic cultivation.

As it naturally contains a lower amount of carbohydrates, this flour is an ideal food for the home preparation of recipes based on the LCHF diet.

Therefore, prepare homemade breadcrumbs, pizza dough, or sweet cakes to your liking with Dragon Superfoods Sunflower Flour Bio 200g!

Dragon Superfoods Sunflower Flour is obtained from organic sunflower seeds, retaining a high protein content. The light nutty aroma and delicate taste make it suitable to combine with other flours. It is used for the preparation of gluten-free crackers, pastries, and desserts.

Ingredients: 100% organic sunflower flour.
May contain traces of peanuts, sesame seeds, and nuts.

Organic certification of the product by BG-BIO-22

• Made in Bulgaria
• Shelf life: 6–12 months
• Storage: Shelf-stable
• Weight: 200 g

Storage type: Keep in a cool (16/18°C) and dry place, away from direct sunlight, extreme heat, odors, and moisture. Consume before the indicated date.

Warning: It is important to read the information on the package, including the ingredients, of the products before use. The available information may vary according to the lot (always consult the label).


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