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Veganella Cream and Cocoa (Vegan Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread)


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We have developed a delicious chocolate cream with hazelnut that your family will love. Vegan wanted it to be as close as possible to the real Nutella, but it tastes like Kit Kat. Without palm oil, our hazelnut chocolate cream is made with high quality natural ingredients, including 50% hazelnuts. Carefully selected and gently toasted, the hazelnuts are combined with cocoa to develop a wonderfully chocolate paste with subtle notes of hazelnut. Thanks to its delicately smooth texture and all-natural ingredients, you’ll have a vegan alternative to Nutella for breakfast and beyond, on bread, toast, croissants, brioche and dumplings, as well as crepes and waffles. You may also love finding other uses for your new and contemporary glass bottle.

Weight: 200 gr

Hazelnuts 50%, whole cane sugar, bio freeze-dried coconut milk powder, cocoa powder, bio cocoa paste, vegetable oil (bio sunflower), vanilla extract Bourbon bio

All ground nut butters are made in a peanut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free facility. Contains: Nuts.


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