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Hormonal Balance Blend | Energy Boost & Increased Libido | Women Well Being Blend | Hormonal Support Blend


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This mix effectively alleviates common problems such as a bloated tummy, PMS symptoms, cramps, hot flashes & skin inflammation. A powerful mix of ayurvedic herbs and adaptogens. Designed specifically for women well being. Packed with nutrients to support women during any phase of their cycle. Drink as a latte in the morning or afternoon

INGREDIENTS: Baobab, Ashwagandha, Amla, Maca, Lucuma, Shatavari, Mango, Raspberry, Banana, Beetroot

How to use it?
This blend tastes like berries and cinnamon, so it can be easily incorporated into your routine by adding it to porridge, yogurt, smoothie, or just mixing it with plant-based milk.

Ashwagandha is a medicinal plant that has been shown to boost brain function and lower cortisol, the hormone your body releases when stressed.

Maca, a cruciferous vegetable native to the Andes Mountains in Peru, has been used for centuries to boost fertility, as well as energy and stamina. Its nutty taste makes it a perfect addition to any smoothie.

Shatavari, also known as satavari, satavar, or Asparagus racemosus (A. racemosus), is said to promote fertility and have a range of health benefits, particularly for the female reproductive system.

What are maca powder benefits?
Maca powder is super nutrient-dense. It contains vitamin C (133% of the recommended daily intake!), loads of copper (85% of the RDI!), iron, potassium, vitamin B6, and manganese. On top of that, it has 4 grams of protein per 28 grams, which is pretty powerful for a little root!
It helps balance hormones and is frequently used to help PCOS, menopause, and female fertility issues.
Maca powder is fantastic for improving male fertility.
It’s known to increase libido in both men and women. Uh, enough said.
Maca powder has been shown to reduce anxiety and generally improve your mood. Maybe because of the previous benefit?


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